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2nd year animation student dreams of becoming a cute squid
I recently made a fanart only blog so if you want in just message me <3
if I don't give it to you it's because you go to my school and i'm very ashamed u've probably heard of that ohoho xoxo
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Agosto 21st
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12:21 am


sorry that was me i was trying to find something to light my incense

ur voice is raspier than i remember

a lot has changed about me amanda 

Agosto 20th
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8:15 pm

makoto being ridiculously precious

makoto being ridiculously precious

(Fonte: blushyarmin, via rainbowthinker)

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Agosto 20th
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12:41 pm

#Selca got some new hair (  ຶཽ ˙̫̮  ຶཽ )

#Selca got some new hair ( ຶཽ ˙̫̮ ຶཽ )

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Agosto 16th
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7:51 pm



andy can we make roommate comics

where i’m a little boy and ur my creepy faerie 

what the fuck

lets do it

ur the truest friend i have own